The Ultimate Roll Neck Jumper







Wearing: Zara Jumper // LOLO’s earrings

All the 90s supermodels had it on, a versatile, relaxed and really easy-to-wear roll neck jumper. At first they may seem a daunting prospect, the kind of thing that only James Bond can pull off when on a secret mission, but the revival of the roll neck jumper shouldn’t come as a shock. Its charm is multifold.

Since the weather cooled down in the Netherlands these past weeks, I’ve been pretty much wearing it non-stop. Depending on the occasion I’ve been dressing it up or down. Roll neck knits are the perfect choice to complete a stylish yet practical winter, or in this case, an autumn outfit. Today’s look is super relaxed and casual; I combined it with flared pants and small golden earrings.

Speak to you soon!

PH/ Nancy van den Bergh | Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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