Brunette Power







13962732_956029441173759_6952688798194048050_nWearing: Made By Mees Denim Jacket // Subdued jeans // Subdued t-shirt // GAS Bijoux necklace // Superga sneakers

Bonsoir mes amis! Since a week I’m back in the Netherlands. Life in Paris has treated me well. Although I have only been here for four weeks, some important people have taken the time to visit me. As you can see the weather in Paris was lovely but sometimes it was a little too cold to go outside without a jacket.

Therefore I have chosen to bring my denim jacket with me all the time. Denim shortly became a must-have fashion item, not only because it’s accessible and affordable but also because it’s very easy to style and to make unique. An example? The Denim Jacket of Made By Mees. I’ve become quite obsessed with my jacket. I love the color and the print. And those tassels are just everything! The jacket has an uncanny ability to add a perfect finishing touch to just about everything from casual looks to dressy, and everything in between, I am always on a look out for unique items with just the right amount of embellishment and this particular one is a perfect example of that!

PH/ Tina Barents | Location: Le Marais, Paris, France

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