Lets Go Nuts









3426_863117167131654_922967420459604158_nWearing: Noot Amsterdam sweater // H&M jeans //  Met Liefde Gemaakt necklace

Good morning, Everyone! I hope your weekend is going great so far! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about my new sweater that I’m wearing for the project SARAH VAN HEES x Noot Amsterdam.

I love this piece of SWEATART from Noot Amsterdam. Noot works together with young artist and will make you go nuts about their sweaters with simple, but gifted designs. Lucky for me, and I can’t believe I am actually saying it, but there it is, all sweaters are unisex. So, there’s no worrying about looking too girly or too masculine. And it’s comfortable – Lord, is it comfortable! There’s nothing too tight, nothing too loose, everything fits just right and it’s almost effortless to wear.

Since the weather is beginning to warm up, March may be a good month to buy yourself also a warm sweater from Noot Amsterdam for outdoor cafés. Warm, cozy and slightly oversized. I’m a big fan of those day-to-night pieces. Let’s go nuts together!

PH/ Charlotte Odijk | Location: Driebergen, The Netherlands

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