Black In a Golden Night







12645107_835298876580150_9052731470464503436_nWearing: MANGO jumpsuit // GAS Bijoux jewelry //  Chanel lipstick

Good morning and happy Saturday, Everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that recently I had a birthday party of a friend.

I was searching for a perfect thing to wear to this birthday party, something a bit more special. Therefore I choose to wear a long black velvet jumpsuit from MANGO. This jumpsuit is elegant, timeless and super chic. Plus, it has this sexy v-neck. And you know my motto when it comes to fashion, clothes must feel good and make you feel good! So, this was definitely a match made in heaven.

I added my GAS BIJOUX earrings to add a bit of spark to the outfit, but you can throw on just anything! I already have a million ideas about how to wear it next. At any rate, the possibilities are endless and of course you know how I feel about that. 😉 Scroll down for the birthday girl.

PH/ Nicolien Kloppert | Location: Restaurant Willems, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 



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