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Wearing: Hollister t-shirt // Asos jeans // GAS Bijoux bracelets // Maison Scotch necklace

Sometimes recipes are best kept to ourselves, but there are times when they should be shared. They should be shared and enjoyed by everyone. That was on my mind when I started to make my own recipe book for home.

Only I had one problem: I’m not creative. In fact I’m a complete disaster. No matter how hard I try, how intensely I look at a subject, my creations always become a tragedy.

I tried to create my own recipe book on the off chance that it would look good. I didn’t want a million cookbooks, sticky notes, paper recipes, Word docs, etc. so I collected all my favorite recipes, photos and stories. Then I started to cut out the pictures and recipes and paste them on colored or plain paper. The best thing about this was that I was able to decorate it however I wanted. There were so many decoration options. Plus, every time I looked at it, I smiled.

I wanted something simple and cohesive that I would enjoy using. Therefore I bought a regular 2 ring binder with tabs. On the tabs I wrote the different categories. I also inserted my recipes into plastic folders to keep them neat.

Et voila!  My Recipe Binder was born. The result knocked my socks off! Don’t wait to make your own and don’t stop working on it!  As long as you’re improving and finding new recipes, your Recipe Binder should be improving and renewing along with you. Are you also planning to make your own recipe book?


PH/ My lovely daddy | Location: Driebergen, The Netherlands

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